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Our product range widely is as below ; Kindly click on the links on the left pane for detailed product info/specifications
30% to 95% Alumina Refractory Bricks
Conventional Castables(High Purity & Medium Purity), Insulating Castables, Low Cement Castables, SiC based/Fused Alumina based Castables, Non Wetting LC castables for aluminium industries
Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Vacuum Formed Boards and Papers, HS-45 Boards, Moist Felt, Bulk fibre, Modules, Veneering modules, Braided and Twisted ropes
  Calcium silicate blocks and shapes(commonly called Hysil)
Silicon Carbide Refractories, Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Refractories, Mullite Refractories, High Temperature Insulation Bricks (Porosint / Cumilag), Bubble Alumina based Insulation Refractories
  Cold Face, Hot Face Insulation Bricks
  Basic/Acidic Ramming Masses
Acid resistant bricks/components, Membranes, Acid resistant cements, Construction chemicals
Element holding bricks, high alumina refractory tubes, high alumina refractory anchors, bobbins, cup-locks, SS Studs/anchoring systems
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